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Recent Awards and Accomplishments
2004 Champion Pelican Lake Lakeview Musky Tournament
2004 Champion Rhinelander Musky League
2003 Champion Rhinelander Musky League
2003 Runner-up Rhinelander Top Gun award
2003 2nd Place MuskieFirst Cave Run Outing
2003 3rd Place Pelican Lake Lakeview Musky Tournament
2003 Runner-up MuskieFIRST Matchfishing
My Favorite Waters

While I fish many lakes in both Oneida and Vilas counties, I spend most of my time around the Rhinelander area. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Pelican Lake
At 3585 acres, Pelican Lake is the largest lake in Oneida County, and one of the best fisheries in the state. Like the lake, the fish, too, are big. There are many 30# fish caught off Pelican every year.

The lake is a fisherman’s paradise with more structure than you can fish in a day’s trip. In the spring, you will find the majority of the fish in one of the many weedy bays that surround the main lake.

As the year progresses, and the waters warm, weed-lines and main lake structures begin to turn on. Much like a Canadian Shield lake you can follow the fish’s progression from the shallow weedy bays out to the rock structure until, finally, after turnover the steep breaks and reefs hold most of the active fish.

The fall is a magical time on Pelican, a time when many of the lake’s big fish begin to show themselves. This lake has an awesome sucker bite in the fall. If you are after a big Wisconsin musky, Pelican Lake is a great place to be.

Three Lakes
The Three Lakes Chain consists of 20 lakes that cover about 7000 acres of water. The chain is more of an action water but it does give up a few big fish every year.

The Three Lakes Chain is a stained water fishery. Because of this stained water, it will warm early in the spring, and is usually one of the first bodies of water to turn on. The Chain offers a great shallow weed bite, and when I say shallow, I am talking real shallow. I catch many fish off the chain every year in less than two feet of water. Nearly any weedy shoreline will hold fish, and they love to chase topwater here. These lakes have one of the best topwater bites of any I fish.

If the shallow bite is not on, there are a few lakes in the chain that offer a very good suspended bite. These fish are out in the open water chasing cisco, the musky’s version of prime rib. If you are looking to put a 34-45” fish in the boat or want some unequaled topwater action, the Three Lakes Chain is an awesome bet.

guide Norm Wild
Guide Norm Wild

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